A good problem is a terrible thing to waste.
Contribute a research problem to the Balogh Memorial Topology Conference.

   Zoli Balogh liked to talk about problems and unanswered questions in set theory and topology. As with most of us, some of this was just plain fun and some was setting the ground work for future research. The purpose of this form is to provide a forum for the presentation and possible discussion of such problems. The current group of contributed problems is available in pdf format or in postscript format. This was updated on November 25, 2002.

    Use this form or an e-mail message (with the same information) to submit a set theory or a topology related research problem for inclusion in the Balogh Conference booklet. You do not need to be a conference participant or a speaker to contribute a problem. In fact, we welcome contributions from everyone and hope that we end up with a good selection. Go ahead and express yourself.

    Along with the statement of the problem, you are encouraged to include any partial or related results and history, if appropriate. You may use TeX (without any beginning and ending statements) or any approximation you feel comfortable with. Eventually, the problems will be written in TeX.

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